Progress with Purpose Summit 2018

Future markets, Purpose

How can your company take the lead in the marketplace of the future? Earn tomorrow’s customers and talent by leading a movement for positive change.


New challengers and digital giants are challenging established corporations and brands in a changing market landscape. Do you want to know how to stay ahead and be the one to take the initiatives in your market?

The Progress with Purpose Summit 2018, PRPS18, is being arranged by Lynxeye together with the leading Swedish communications magazine Resumé and business magazine Veckans Affärer.

PRPS18 will empower companies to take the lead in the marketplace of the future, based on the philosophy of driving progress with purpose – running their business, their offerings and their brand based on a movement for positive change in people’s lives and in society.

Inspiring speakers from the business world and from academia and professional advisors will give their perspectives on:

  • The major movements that will re-shape markets in the future
  • Bold purpose-led strategies to address a changing market
  • How to run your business and organization with an engaging purpose

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