The market context is constantly changing.

Where is your future growth coming from?

We build brands that matter

The market landscape is shifting from supply to demand.

How well are you prepared?

We build brands that matter

Consumers are going from “just buying” to “buying into“.

What is your brand’s reason to exist?

We build brands that matter

We combine insights from three perspectives to enable
a full brand transformation journey

  • Consumer insights

  • Brand insights

  • Business insights

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What people say about us

LynxEye has that clever ability to identify the unique potential in a brand and create a customer awareness way beyond their client’s expectations, time after time
— Peter Horbury,
Senior VP Design, Volvo
LynxEye has a unique understanding for Customers, Brands and the Business – no other consultancy offers all three perspectives
– Maria Stenström,
VP, Volkswagen Asia
We, at Disney, take great pride in our advanced consumer driven approach – still, LynxEye is exceptional at turning insights into disruptive business building proposals
– Federico Gonzalez,
Senior VP Marketing and Sales, Walt Disney World
LynxEye enabled a complete consumer driven transformation of our company
– Kristofer Tonström,
CEO, Omega Pharma

We offer the expertise and tools for all parts of the full brand journey

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