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Welcome to the global game changer episode of Varumärkespodden.

Stockholm has been called the “Unicorn capital of the world”, or the “Unicorn Factory”.  In fact, more billion-dollar unicorn startups have been produced in Stockholm per capita than any other city in Europe. Globally, only Silicon Valley outperforms the Swedish capital.

In this episode of Varumärkespodden, we’re excited to speak with the Swedish startup-profile Jessica Stark. Jessica is CEO and co-founder of SUP46, one of the leading startup hubs in Stockholm, Sweden.

The story

With a background at Venture Cup and the incubator STING, Jessica has more than ten years of experience in the entrepreneurship world. She is today one of Sweden’s most influential startup profiles, frequently cited in media and advisor to the Swedish government. She has also started her own communications agency, before she took the plunge in 2013 and co-founded SUP46.

Vision: global game changers

Located in the heart of Stockholm, SUP46 is home to more than 50 startups and is today a natural meeting place for the startup community. Only the most exciting and innovative companies, mainly within the Internet, mobile, media and gaming, are accepted as members. With the vision of all member startups in SUP46 to become global game changers, the aim was to build a paradise for startups, offering everything the teams needed in order to quickly scale and grow their business.

Some of the hub’s more well-known startups on the way to become global game changers are FishBrain – the leading global social network for fishing, the fertility app Natural Cycles, the on-demand workforce service Universal Avenueand crowdfunding platform FundedByME.

With Lynxeye’s Johan Ekelin, Jessica discusses the new challengers in the startup world and how they will challenge the big established brands and companies. We discuss the importance of being close to your target group and how to create strategic focus by daring to deselect. Jessica shares her thoughts of what makes a startup successful or not and how Stockholm with its startup-community has become the “Unicorn capital of the world”. And finally, which industries are closest to the verge of disruption.

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