Customer experience as a management tool

Customer experience

The consumer’s view of a brand is the sum of many thousands of small gestures. Many companies therefore work strategically with the customer journey to create a customer experience that helps build the brand. We believe that customer experience can also be used as a management tool. To build a holistic experience across customer touch points requires all functions to work towards the same goal. It also allows employees to focus on the end consumers, as well as work more concretely with company strategy.

Customer experience makes strategy concrete

Investments in customer experience can help strengthen internal involvement. One reason for this is that it requires more communication between employees and top management. After all, who knows the customer experience better than those who work directly with it? Customer experience should also make the messages from top management more concrete. This is because it translates the overall strategy, which can sometimes be abstract to those  not working directly with it, to tangible actions. Talking about mobile apps and in-store experience is often a more concrete and engaging way to communicate brand strategy internally. In this way, customer experience is a tool that managers can leverage to steer the organization towards the same goal. We’ll explain how.

Listen to the organization

In order to achieve impact on a consumer level, the strategy must be anchored within the entire organization. If the decision does not agree with the view that the employees have, it is unlikely to become reality. The management needs to listen to the organization’s perspective of what is and is not possible. They also need to give employees the resources needed to translate strategy into reality – for example time, tools and support.

Make use of internal skills

Involving employees in your customer experience efforts not only shows that you respect their skills and experience. It also helps you get closer to the customer’s real challenges. Because who can give a better answer to how customers act than those who work most closely with them?

Be transparent

Transparent decision-making processes can make employees more engaged in how the company is run. Management can do this by encouraging employees to share their thoughts, or even involving them in the processes. The objective is to create a better understanding of the overall customer experience strategy. When done correctly, it can make employees more involved and motivated to realize set goals.

Essentially: involving the entire organization in the customer experience work can help management govern more successfully – far beyond a standard 5-year plan.