Introducing Lynxeye Studios

With increased demand for agility and speed to market, brands need to move faster from insight and strategy to a differentiated customer experience. Therefore, we are now introducing Lynxeye Studios, a strategic design consultancy headquartered in London.

“We started Lynxeye with the idea of creating brands that matter, that contribute to something positive in people’s lives and in society”, says co-founder Johan Ekelin. “Today, this is more important than ever for brands in order to be competitive. Our clients face an accelerating pace of change and we see that people increasingly reward brands that can deliver a more distinctive and purposeful customer experience. We need to help our clients achieve this faster and better to drive the business forward, to make the change credible both externally and internally.”

Lynxeye Studios will use design as a strategic tool to overcome some of these dynamic challenges to make faster impact for our clients. Since the beginning, we have focused on business-oriented brand development and helped business leaders drive customer-centric change for brands such as Volvo, H&M, Absolut and Spotify.

“Design that serves a brand purpose gained from profound human insights and future thinking — creating real business value”

With sterling strategic design competence, we can now help our clients go even further and faster in leading the change.

“Design is a global language that can communicate what needs to be said in an instant”, says Carl Johan Näs, Executive Creative Director at Lynxeye Studios. “When done well, it can be bespoke and impossible to copy.”

The design-philosophy goes hand in hand with Lynxeye’s core insight philosophy, complementing the management consulting and insight-driven expertise. The design team has vast experience from leading global brands such as Absolut, Apple, Airbnb, Gant, Pernod Ricard, BMW and Swiss.

“True to the Lynxeye pursuit, we will dig deeper. Design that serves a brand purpose gained from profound human insights and future thinking — creating real business value. This is our approach”, says Carl Johan.

Lynxeye Studios will be based in London, but will also have strategic design expertise on the ground in the Stockholm and Singapore offices.

“A majority of our clients are international and we work with projects all over the world. This is an important step for us in our aim to help our clients find new growth opportunities on an international basis”, says Christian Ihre, CEO and co-founder of Lynxeye.