More cases

Consumer and brand insight
with business implications

Global brand portfolio work
and regional brand
transformation journeys

Business, brand and portfolio
strategy incl. sales channel

Full brand journey from
segmentation to implementation
and brand valuation

Brand strategy work
on Disney resorts

Insight work with recommended
implication on model program

US target group identification
and influencer strategy

Global segmentation and
brand portfolio strategy

Insight-driven Nordic adaptation
of global brand strategy

Brand portfolio and internal
engagement program
in beauty and home care

Global segmentation
and brand portfolio

Global drink
strategy development

Segmentation and long term
strategy and business planning

Consumer segmentation
and brand strategy

China brand segmentation
and strategy

Consumer driven corporate
strategy & purpose
and brand repositioning

Insight driven
brand strategy

Global brand work and
Latin America turn-around plan

Global segmentation, portfolio
and brand strategy

Portfolio strategy, and brand
strategy for company
and product brands

Concept innovation and
brand strategy work

Consumer& business
opportunity identification

Brand strategy development
and implementation,
portfolio structure and
concept innovation

Consumer driven
retail strategy

Consumer driven
business strategies

corporate purpose
and values,
brand strategy and
total brand

Re-positioning based on
segmentation of the
digital consumer

From segmentation and
brand strategy to internal
& external transformation

Segmentation and
concept development

Full brand journey,
from segmentation to

Brand strategy and
user experience work

From segmentation & brand
strategy to new digital
business concepts

Full brand journey with
corporate and product
brand strategy

Full brand journey
from segmentation
to implementation

Consumer driven business
opportunity identification
and strategic direction

Consumer segmentation
and brand strategy