You won’t find the future in yesterday’s news

Many companies still look for insights about the future in historic data. When this data fails to predict emerging behaviors, critical decisions comes down to best guesses. We believe business leaders need to prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities with clarity and precision.

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Your problem

The problem for companies today is not access to data, nor ideas for the next innovation. The problem is excessive amounts of irrelevant or unstructured data, and lack of evidence to support decisions on strategy, business strategy and innovation solutions for tomorrow.

It’s people’s needs and expectations that decide if companies and brands succeed or not. It’s therefore crucial for companies to understand future demand in order to stay relevant in the marketplace. But forecasting and understanding sudden or exponential changes have proven to be a tough challenge for companies.

We’ve learned that foresight is better derived from people’s present frustrations than from their historical behavior.

How we help

To arm brands for this challenge, Lynxeye offers a proprietary and highly precise approach to understanding the future. We’ve learned that foresight is better derived from people’s present frustrations and values than from their historical behavior.

By identifying the frustrations of today, we can predict which solutions will be relevant for, and desired in, tomorrow’s consumer market. It’s a dynamic approach to business development, market communication and innovation that enables companies to look ahead with confidence.

We make consumer insights concrete enough to act upon by finding and sizing opportunity areas. We deliver answers to questions such as:


Where could we make a difference in people’s lives?

  • Identification of frustrations and values in your market
  • Stimuli from other industries and major market trends

Which opportunities are most critical for us to act on?

  • Clear prioritization based on your customers and prospects
  • Sizing and evaluation of frustrations among people and industries

How can we attract customers through this insight?

  • Conceptualization and examples on how to act
  • Relevant goals for new and current customers

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