Sustainability is about growing your business, not limiting it

People agree on two things: sustainability issues like climate change is real and top priority, and business leaders should contribute to solving these challenges. We believe this means a world of opportunities for companies and brands.

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Top priority

According to a recent study by Pew Research1, climate change remains the top-most perceived threat by people in all 14 surveyed countries. Second on the list is the spread of infectious diseases, which as we have learned in 2020, is also linked to how we interact with the planet.

The share who see global warming as a major threat is significantly higher today in nine of the ten countries tracked in this survey over the past seven years. For instance, in the UK, 71% now say global climate change is a major threat, compared with 48% when the question was first asked in 2013 – an increase of 23 percentage points.

The 2019 climate strikes took place across 4,500 locations in 150 countries.

Big expectations

The climate challenge will not be solved by governments, people or companies alone. It has to be a mix of push from governmental incentives and regulations, and pull from commercial offers that solve people’s frustrations around not being able to consume without guilt. Because people will still consume, we just need to do it in a more responsible way.

think that CEO's should lead societal
change ahead of government1
think that companies can both act
for profit and make society better1

Great impact that lasts over time

We believe that companies can take the lead, as their customers expect them to, in solving the climate crisis through commercial business concepts equally attractive for people and planet. As your partner, we help your company identify, understand and commercialize sustainability opportunities by linking the societal needs outlined in the UN’s Agenda 2030 with human needs and frustrations. No matter if you’re in B2C or B2B.

What is needed on a big scale? How is that a need on a personal level for your customers? And how is your business expected to help solve that need? We’re looking for win, win, win solutions that can have great impact for all parties and that last over time.

People will still consume, we just need to do it in a more responsible way.

At the core of your business

This approach also makes sure that sustainability is integrated at the core of the business, not in separate CSR initiatives. The successful companies of the future will be the ones that find the new business ideas and models that come from our sustainability challenges. Use it to add to your business, not take from it.

Tomorrow’s winners will also be the ones who include the well-being of people and planet as a measure of success, and consider long-term ethical aspects a natural part of decision-making and business control. Draw bigger circles to measure your impact.

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We are convinced that the future belongs to companies that dare to explore bold ways to make a difference for people, industries and society. This means embracing the possibilities that the sustainability challenge offers, building new business models based on responsible long-term approaches.

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