Top 3 Digital Services Brands

And the winners are!

Sweden Top 3 | Digital Services Class

01 Swish


  • Simplifying everyday lives through constantly innovating mobile payments
  • Top performer as Innovative Future-proof

02 1177 Vårdguiden


  • Guiding people and providing healthcare services during confusing times
  • Top performer as Trustworthy and Responsible

03 BankID


  • Providing a necessity like e-ID in times of booming online purchases and social distancing
  • Top performer as Trustworthy and Future-proof

China Top 3 | Digital Services Class

01 Alipay


  • Delivering value for users and helping them collectively contribute to social good
  • Top performer as all five characteristics

02 Taobao


  • Committed to creating value for businesses of all sizes through new Innovative
  • Top performer as Innovative, Future-proof and Visionary

03 WeChat


  • Offering an ecosystem and functionality that helped maintain the daily routines for people
  • Top performer as Trustworthy, Responsible and Innovative

03 JD


  • Providing access to everyday products through an extended logistics network covering even rural areas
  • Top performer in Future-proof and Innovative

US Top 3 | Digital Services Class

01 Amazon


  • Championing customer experience throughout the pandemic
  • Top performer as Future-proof

02 Google


  • A true daily utility service in a year when people needed to find everything online
  • Top performer as Trustworthy, Innovative and Visionaryary

03 Microsoft 365


  • A daily utility for millions, more relevant than ever as we work from home
  • Solid performer as all characteristics

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