Top 3 Corporate Brands

And the winners are!

Sweden Top 3 | Corporate Class



  • Determined to create a better everyday life for the many people
  • Top performer as Responsible, Innovative and Future-proof

02 Volvo Cars


  • Empathically dedicated to the human aspects of mobility
  • Top performer as Innovative and Visionary

03 AstraZeneca


  • Emerging as new hero on the block by contributing to a better future for all
  • Top performer as Visionary and Innovative

China Top 3 | Corporate Class

01 Alibaba Group


  • Continuing to build a one-stop-shop for everything everyday life requires
  • Top performer as all five characteristics

02 Tencent


  • Enriching millions of users’ daily lives and assisted digital transformation for companies
  • Top performer as Innovative, Future-proof and Visionary

03 JD


  • Helping suppliers find channels to provide the best products for consumers
  • Top performer as Trustworthy

US Top 3 | Corporate Class

01 Amazon


  • Giving people access to everything, anytime, in the midst of the pandemic
  • Top performer as Future-proof, Innovative and Trustworthy

02 Apple


  • Passionately creating user-friendly products that prioritize user privacy
  • Top performer as Innovative and Visionary

03 Microsoft


  • Empowering people and companies to achieve more and better in pandemic
  • Top performer as Innovative and Visionary

Purposeful Brands™ 2021

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