The role of purpose in an uncertain world

Geopolitical shifts. Pandemic. War. A European energy crisis. Inflation and plummeting stock markets. Such events, and the uncertainty they cause, fundamentally influence how people live their lives and what they think really matters.

In addition, studies record levels of mistrust in government and institutions worldwide. The desire that companies should step up as responsible leaders, and help make the world a better place, is at an all time high.

This is why purposeful companies are so important today: companies with an honest intention to lead positive change offer sorely needed stability. But commitment will be essential for success. Only the ones that can walk the talk and are transparent about how they do it, will benefit from the rewards.

Empty ambitions are a real risk when expectations on companies are at an all time high. Broken promises won’t get you anywhere. Companies need to find a sweet spot of what the world and the customers need, what you are convinced of, what you are good at and, frankly, what you can monetize. Christian Ihre, Partner and co-founder at Lynxeye