Progress with Purpose Summit
03 A world of opportunities

About how your business can leverage purpose globally.

While corporate purpose is often based in fundamental human values which can indeed be global, how purpose is perceived is always relative to cultural context. Global companies need to understand this in order to draw full commercial benefit from purpose.

This panel will focus on the dynamic Asia-Pacific region and discusses why an open-minded and emphatic approach is essential in order to decode different markets and unlock opportunities. We will also have a look at how the COVID affected how purpose is perceived across the globe in 2020.


  • Anna-Karin Birnik, Global Head, Brand Development and Group Digital Channels at Standard Chartered Bank
  • Niclas Kvarnström, Swedish Ambassador to Singapore
  • Severine Vauleon, Global Vice President – Lux at Unilever
  • Lucien Harrington, Managing Director Asia Pacific and Head of Offering and Communications at Lynxeye