Progress with Purpose Summit
02 Investing for impact

About how purpose-driven owners are rewriting the rules.

We’re seeing more and more investors and entrepreneurs realizing the big future opportunities of purpose-driven businesses and ideas. Changemakers with the capital and power to make large scale difference are shifting focus to sustainability and positive impact for people and society.

This panel will provide three different perspectives – the impact investor’s, the entrepreneur’s, and venture capital’s – on how to leverage owner influence to create positive change and sustainable business growth. We will discuss successful strategies for getting management and co-investors on board with a purpose-driven agenda.


  • Björn Öste, Co-founder of Good Idea Drinks and Oatly
  • David Batstone, Impact Investor and co-founder of Just Business
  • Elin Ljung, Director of Communication and Sustainability at Nordic Capital
  • Jessica af Sandeberg, Client Leader at Lynxeye