Purposeful Brands 2021
Qualification and methodology

We’ve consistently measured business purpose for five consecutive years using our purpose index. Thanks to using a yearly adjusted index, we’re able to compare results from year to year.

Corporate class qualifications

The 35 largest companies in terms of turnover:

  • We use UC as source for SE
  • We use Fortune500 as source for CN and US

Digital Services class qualifications

The 35 most used apps and websites.

Apps that were among the 10 most used and/or downloaded in the last three years:

  • We use App Annie’s annual top 10 apps ranked by MAU and by Downloads, an annual indexed ranking
  • To qualify, an app must have ranked in the top 10 in terms of either MAU or Downloads, multiple times in the last three years. An app can also qualify by ranking in the top 10 both in terms of MAU and Downloads in the last year
  • Apps or websites in the Adult category are excluded from the study

Websites that were among the most visited during the month prior to when the study is conducted:

  • We use SimilarWeb’s index-based Top Websites list for SE and US
  • We use Chinaz.com’s Top Websites for CN

If a brand qualifies both as app and website, it is only counted once


Aided awareness is part of the study and very low awareness will disqualify a brand.


Type of study

Online survey

Geo markets

Sweden, US and China

Sampling method

Nationally representative sample, recruitment via global panel partner

No of brands in study

314 brands in total


2,200 respondents per market

Length of survey

10 minutes

Field period

Oct 20 – Oct 29, 2020