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We believe tomorrow’s companies are purpose-driven and solve real problems for people, real challenges for industries, and real dilemmas for society.

To understand how purpose works and what impact it has, we measure it with our Lynxeye Purpose Index™ and explore the progress of the world’s most purposeful companies and brands.

We survey a total of 15,000 respondents in seven of the world’s largest economies about which statements they associate with over 430 companies and brands.

We rank how purposeful corporations are among the general public in different geographic markets, and analyze how purpose will evolve in coming years.

Purpose Index™

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The business impact

Purpose is a key driver of profitability and commercial growth. Research has proven the real business  of having a clear sense of purpose. Purpose-driven companies are more profitable, enjoy higher brand preference, have higher employee engagement rates, and outperform competitors when it comes to innovation and managing major market shifts.

Over a 20-year period, listed companies that considered all stakeholder perspectives quadrupled in shareholder value, while S&P 500 only doubled.2 And brands with perceived high positive impact see a 175% growth in brand value, compared to 70% growth for those with low perceived positive impact.3 These are just two stats on the real impact of purpose; the numbers all point in one direction.

increase in shareholder value.
growth in brand value.

Measuring purpose

We consider the facts about what makes people consider a company purposeful, and from that we have defined what corporate purpose is: An honest intention to lead positive change. We use our Purpose Index™ to track how well companies and brands successfully live up to this definition of purpose, and how their progress evolves over time.

We also know that in order to have any real business impact, purpose-driven strategies need to reach beyond intention and into action. Therefore, our Purpose Index™ also covers how companies and brands are expected to walk the talk. We track how the general public thinks companies should solve real problems for people, real challenges for industries, and real dilemmas for society.

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