Lynxeye Purpose Index™
Sweden 22/23 Report

Lynxeye Purpose Index™ is a global study looking into how purposeful the general public perceive companies to be. It has been carried out consistently since the first study in 2015.

For the Sweden 22/23 report, we’ve surveyed the general public about some 150 brands in Sweden.

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About purpose

What purpose is and isn’t

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The role of purpose in an uncertain world

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What happens to purpose in an economic downturn?

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Measuring purpose

Lynxeye Purpose Index™ is a global study looking into how purposeful the general public perceive companies to be. It has been carried out consistently since the first study in 2015.

Lynxeye surveys a total of 15,000 respondents in seven of the world’s largest economies about which statements they associate with certain companies and brands.

Sweden 22/23 Report

For this report, we’ve surveyed the general public about some 150 brands in Sweden. Among these are Sweden’s 50 largest* corporations that are well known to the general public. They are ranked in a list of Sweden’s top 50 most purposeful corporations.

We believe that tomorrow’s winning companies are purpose-driven and solve:

Our definition of purpose:

An honest intention to lead positive change.

The Lynxeye Purpose Index™ ​

Since Lynxeye started measuring purpose in 2015, we have perfected our purpose index into a reliable model for global trends, summarizing the views and expectations of companies among the general public.

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Care for resources

More than anything, careful use of resources is what defines companies that are increasing rapidly in both relevance and appeal in this year’s study. It seems neither pandemic nor looming recession has diminished the importance for purposeful companies to be responsible.

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Authenticity wins

At a point when people worry a lot about the future, and mistrust in governments and institutions is at an all time global high, people turn to companies for reliability. People want to be able to trust companies and brands, which in turn will need to deliver on that expectation.

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Visionary leaders

In line with the globally diminishing trust in governments and institutions, Swedes have begun looking to companies to take on traditionally public responsibilities. The most purposeful companies have not just taken on these kinds of challenges, but are also leaders with a clear vision for the future.

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Holistic health

Swedes’ focus on health has lasted beyond the pandemic and evolved as new threats have appeared on the horizon. Swedes’ definition has become more holistic, concerning all aspects of health and safety, direct and indirect.

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Super Swedish

Swedish brands perform very well compared to global brands in this year’s study. And many of the very most purposeful, are either Swedish legacy brands or are known for locally produced products or services. Swedishness has become a superpower.

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North stars

The relationship companies can build with people does not depend on what business they’re in, but how you do business. The big Swedish engineering companies in this year’s study are great examples of this, acting as north stars for all business.

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Top 3 Sweden 22/23

01 Lantmännen

Lantmännen takes leaps in its index score this year and is our new no 1 purposeful Swedish corporation!

It is boosted by outstanding scores for responsibility, and it is one of the most trusted companies in this year’s study.


For the first time since we started measuring purpose, IKEA is not our no 1. IKEA has a stable index score, but would have needed to increase to hold on to this year’s top spot. The retailer still impresses with even high scores across all five purpose characteristics.

03 ICA

ICA is new in the top 3 after significantly increasing its index score. More than anything, ICA climbs to the top of the list thanks to a high trust score. People also consider ICA future-proof, much thanks to its engaged employees.

Top 50 Sweden 22/23

Going forward

So what does it all mean? In the full report, we outline six big questions and opportunities for companies and brands going forward.

  • Entering the new value era?
  • Premium what?
  • Goodbye x-washing?
  • What’s the value of being a fair employer?
  • What’s hyper convenience worth?
  • Time for simple pleasures?

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