Xiaoan Zhou
Insights Manager

I’m a problem solver with expertise in the analytic domain, connecting dots for business, strategy and data insight. I have international experience across Asia and Europe, with a proven track record in the TMT, financial services and retail industries.

I have a M.Sc. in Finance double degree from Bocconi University and Stockholm School of Economics. Before joining Lynxeye in 2019, I worked at Northstream, part of Accenture.

—Purpose for companies means any reason for brand existence beyond making money, like benefiting society and shaping a better future. Xiaoan Zhou

What’s the most satisfying part of your work?

Being able to help international and regional industry leaders by teamworking with my creative, driven and daring colleagues.

Name a company with a great purpose

Ant forest by Alibaba rewards users ‘green energy’ points for sustainable behaviors such as taking public transportation, making online purchases/appointments, reducing plastic usage and recycling.

Users grow virtual trees on the app, while Ant Forest grows the real one. More than 120 million trees have already been planted as of 2020, reducing carbon emissions by nearly 8 million tons.