Tomas Nordmark
Media Composer

I’m a media composer and multidisciplinary audio/visual producer with a background in audio, motion, digital and print. As a media composer, I’ve created sonic narratives for multiple global brands such as Bangkok Bank, Coop, Kappahl, Q-Brands, Tangent GC and Lynxeye’s own passion project Purposeful Brands™.

I’ve scored and sound designed films, theatre and Opera, and spent two decades working in the music industry. My work has been noted by The New York Times, The Guardian, and the BBC, to name a few. I also create my own music (listen!)

—My process centers around listening and I’m always thrilled with guiding clients in the act of listening. Tomas Nordmark

I’m deeply passionate about the creative challenges with using sound design and music scoring as a vehicle of telling stories and communicating ideas, with a potential of having an emotional impact. My process centers around listening and that is perhaps my strength, and I’m always thrilled with guiding clients in the act of listening.

What’s your favorite purposeful brand?

One of my favorite brands is Lousiana Channel, an online documentary and interview channel produced by the Danish art centre Lousiana. It’s not only a well curated source of inspiration with a clear purpose that builds on both simplicity and vision, it also has a very clear sound – which naturally is imperative for a voice to be heard. It’s a brand that I keep going back to using as a point of reference.