Amanda Venndahl
Strategy Consultant

As a recent graduate, my greatest strengths include being updated on the latest theories and practices at university level and being able to provide a new set of eyes to different industries. In addition, I hold special expertise within business analysis and strategy development, particularity in relation to circular economy and environmental sustainability. By studying and working at Stora Enso I have further insight into what requires to make businesses sustainable today and in the future.

My previous studies include a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University with a masters in Strategy and Management Control. I also have experience from exchange studies at San Diego State University, USA within business and marketing and in Sydney, Australia. My background further includes brand strategy experience from the FMCG and automotive industry, through working at Volvo Cars and Svenska Retursystem. I am especially interested in innovation, sustainable business models and market trends.

—A purpose guides and permeates everything inside a business and I think it's an important reason why today's consumers choose one brand over another. Amanda Venndahl

What’s your favorite purposeful brand?

My favorite purposeful brand is Ouai Haircare, because it has realized the value of being personal, transparent and of taking a stand on societal issues. By involving their customers in all steps of product development, making sustainable choices and helping their consumers to become more aware and educated on current issues, political, societal and environmental, it fulfills its purpose of being more than a hair care brand.

By believing that “Life is hard, looking good should be easy,” Ouai works to solve its customers’ daily struggles and has become a brand that people can relate to in many aspects of their lives.

What business leader do you think leads with great purpose and how?

I think Camilla Lundin, co-founder of Qalora Capital and Business & Dreams, is an example of a leader who leads with great purpose. Through her tech-focused investment bank and network community focused on supporting female entrepreneurs, she consistently lives by the purpose of empowering and helping others to reach their goals and dreams.

I believe Camilla Lundin leads with great purpose because while often developing new business opportunities, she always stays true to her cause of helping people grow professionally or through their businesses. Becoming successful by successfully helping others is truly purposeful to me.