A future mission to guide global expansion

Consumer products

International game and toy group Ravensburger wanted to define an aspirational mission to guide its global expansion and create a strong unifying foundation for the whole organization.

Lynxeye supported Ravensburger with foresight and consumer insights, inspiration, and co-creation to develop some of the core strategic foundations for the group.


Ravensburger is a leading player in puzzles, games, toys and publishing for kids and families all over the world. The family-owned company originates from Germany and has since 1883 developed products and content promoting values like enjoyment, education and togetherness. Ravensburger has a proud heritage.

At the same time, The Ravensburger Group is an increasingly global company in an industry undergoing massive change in both consumer demand and industry dynamics. The challenge for the management team and the owners was to define a direction that was equally rooted in future global market opportunities and the strengths of the company DNA.


Lynxeye supported Ravensburger through the process starting in an exploration of future market trends. Guided by foresight and in-depth research with forward-looking consumers Lynxeye helped define potential purposeful roles that Ravensburger could play in the future market.

—It has been a true joy to work with Lynxeye on this journey. They supported us in ensuring that a thorough and correct process was followed, contributed with fundamental market trends and consumer insights as well as being a true partner in developing a final product to be used across our organization globally. I like to give them our warmest recommendations and look forward to future projects together – a true partner! Sophie Elvefors, Group Director Global Marketing Ravensburger

Through co-creation with a global and cross-functional Ravensburger team and continuous dialogue with leaders and owners a strong mission statement emerged creating a bridge between the future and the heritage. ‘Encourage discovery of what really matters’, which is about being a catalyst for rewarding social interactions and development.

The mission was broken down into direction-setting promises to inspire future business development, as well as group values to inspire behaviors throughout the company. The keys to success were the close and agile co-creation inspired by foresight and market insight, the close leadership involvement and the approach to aim to bridge the future with the heritage.


  • Group mission
  • Consumer promises
  • Group values
  • Strategy implementation
  • Internal engagement support



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