From bold idea to a no 1 news service


The constant flow of digital news is seemingly endless and there is one consumer group in particular that loves this, the “news junkies.” One fundamental driver for this group is to get fuel and energy for their own opinions and thoughts. In fact, this is what defines them.

However, in this era, when time is a scarce resource, these consumers want to get a full picture in one place instead, not having to jump between different apps and sites. The founders of Omni recognized this consumer frustration.


Together with Omni, Lynxeye identified the target group’s drivers in a broader context and pinpointed their ideal way of experiencing news. We built a strategy based on these profound insights and Omni now provides an exciting experience where news and perspectives from different hand-picked sources are placed alongside and pitted against each other.

For each story there is a short summarized overview that you can read when you have less time or interest to dive deep. If you want to, you can personalize the way the news mix is presented (e.g. more economics, less sport), according to your preferences. And all of this is of course packaged in a sleek and intuitively designed interface.


  • Consumer insights
  • Strategy



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