Kick-starting a brand new era in the middle of a pandemic

Fashion retail
Northern Europe

Fashion retailer Kappahl wished to reposition and grow. Lynxeye uncovered an insights-based growth opportunity, considering gaps in the market, emerging consumer needs and Kappahl’s solid brand heritage.

As a result, Kappahl is venturing out on a purpose-led journey to reinvent the meaning of fashion in their customers’ lives.


Fashion retailer Kappahl was founded in Sweden in 1953 around the human idea of giving more people the possibility to buy a high-quality coat. Since then, Kappahl has grown to become one of Scandinavia’s most well-known fashion retailers.

In recent years, Kappahl underwent major changes in organization, leadership and ownership, and was finally bought out from Nasdaq Stockholm and taken private by investment firm Mellby Gård in 2019. With its new stable owner in place, Kappahl identified a need for a long-term strategic shift.

Along came COVID-19, and a global crisis that meant great uncertainty for the entire retail industry. But Kappahl was on a quest to secure future relevance and decided that the pandemic made this more necessary than ever. In a situation where focus was on costs, the management team and owners dared to invest in the future.


Lynxeye helped uncover existing brand strengths worth investing in and identified distinct target groups with common traits that could form the base for a revamped, coherent Kappahl offering and brand.

Mapping out and sizing future growth opportunities large enough for Kappahl’s business objectives and growth plans, Lynxeye identified which had the greatest win potential. This work, based fully on consumer insights, then guided the development of brand architecture and style concepts.

The result was a completely new brand strategy that will confidently guide Kappahl’s journey and secure its relevance for future customers. A crucial part in the iterative process of defining the future position was to develop a new visual identity, revamped logo and a custom typeface, that embodied the brand strategy.

—We’ve really appreciated Lynxeye’s close collaboration model. Their mutual learning approach was a perfect match for an organization like ours. Our teams feel both strong and well prepared for all parts of the implementation. It’s a phenomenal feeling! Elisabeth Peregi, CEO Kappahl

The collaboration between Lynxeye and Kappahl was built on high involvement across the organization, co-creation and a learning approach where Lynxeye equipped Kappahl’s management and brand teams to be able to work as a brand-centered organization.


  • Consumer segmentation and target group selection
  • Growth opportunity mapping and sizing
  • Brand architecture and portfolio
  • Brand strategy including brand purpose
  • Visual identity
  • Brand strategy implementation and internal engagement support



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