From eye-opening insights to breakthrough ideas

We go beyond the obvious to find insights about people and society, today and tomorrow. As your partner, we turn these findings into purpose-driven strategies for real commercial growth.

Uncertainty is everywhere

The future is increasingly difficult to predict for business leaders. You’re in a world filled with both challenges and opportunities, where business models change and market roles shift. All at a staggering pace.

We are convinced that the future belongs to companies with a clear purpose: companies that dare to explore bold ways to make a difference for people and society. Having a purpose and living by it is not only about improving business performance. It’s about your reason for being.

of CEO’s worry that their offering
will have lost relevance in 3 years. 1
of all brands globally will never
be missed by consumers. 2

See your future business

We always start with real emerging needs. Using proprietary tools and a data-driven approach, we foresee what will drive people, societies and industries in the future.

Claim a unique role

By connecting the human, societal and commercial needs of tomorrow with your business, we define a meaningful future role and identify the initiatives that will keep you relevant.

Walk the talk

Working with your organization, we innovate and design business concepts and customer experiences that help you take your company towards its future role. They become the beacons that all your stakeholders will rally around.

Empower your organization

Purpose lives in people, not PowerPoint. We’re your partner until we’ve made sure your purpose impacts minds, hearts and hands in your organization.

What we do


  • Future market drivers
  • Future scenarios
  • New growth opportunities
  • Segmentation
  • Human insights
  • Societal insights
  • Technology insights
  • Captivate new audiences
  • Geographical expansion
  • Brand extension analysis


  • Purpose and values
  • Positioning
  • Business strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Growth roadmaps
  • Employer value proposition
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Portfolio strategy
  • M&A assessments
  • Brand equity valuations

Innovation and design

  • Commercial innovation
  • Service innovation
  • Customer experience
  • Digital transformations
  • Omnichannel innovation
  • Brand identity
  • Brand architecture
  • Packaging design


  • Implementation roadmaps
  • Business / brand strategy integration
  • Initiative roadmaps
  • Beacon initiative programs
  • Internal engagement
  • Internal co-creation programs
  • KPI frameworks
  • Measurement systems

20 years of going beyond the obvious

Lynxeye was founded in Sweden in 1999. We are an independent management consultancy focused on growth strategies, innovation and design. People, knowledge and impact make us tick.

Our aim has always been to go beyond what first meets the eye, to find deep insights that can power commercial growth for companies. It’s this approach that makes some of the world’s best known global brands come back to partner with us again and again.

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