Purposeful Brands Digital 2018 – see the list here

7 out of Sweden’s 10 most purposeful brands are digital. Digital services and brands are becoming more prominent in peoples’ lives. This is shown in a recent study performed by Lynxeye which ranks the brands Swedes perceive as the most purposeful. In the reccurring study Purposeful Brands, digital brands take most of the top placements in competition with Sweden’s largest corporate brands.

“It is interesting to see how digital products and services in a very short time can become stronger brands than those of established large companies that have taken decades to build”, says Jessica af Sandeberg, responsible for Purposeful Brands 2018 at Lynxeye.

In the field of mobile payment, the application Swish and the electronic identification service BankID are ranked as the most purposeful digital brands in Sweden, scoring higher than both Spotify and Google

Swish is ranked as the most purposeful digital brand for the second year in a row, when 1500 Swedes rank which digital brands are the most purposeful. How can a peer-to-peer application, in just a few years’ time, become more purposeful than Google?

“Swish remains at the top of the list and is even strengthening its position as Sweden’s most purposeful digital brand in comparison with companies like Spotify and Google. A reason why they have been able to build such a strong position so quickly could be that they solve a real issue in peoples’ everyday lives, namely how to perform smooth and simple transactions. This shows that companies that offer creative and qualitative solutions to real-life issues can quickly become meaningful for both consumers and businesses”, says Martin Deinoff, CEO of Lynxeye Labs.

“It is interesting that simple and more specialized services like Swish and BankID come out stronger than brands with large offerings, content, features, and contact points like Google. This may suggest that being clear about why you exist and what difference you make in peoples’ lives and for society at large is of key importance. IKEA definitely manages to do this and comes out at the top of the list amongst digital and corporate brands”, says Johan Ekelin, co-founder of Lynxeye

Public news service SVT Nyheter makes a strong debut within the top 5

Among the newcomers in the digital category, SVT Nyheter has made a strong debut as the fifth most purposeful digital brand in Sweden.

“SVT Nyheter has made a strong debut. This is primarily due to people seeing them as responsible, credible and visionary, which are some of the key drivers of what makes people perceive a brand or business as purposeful”, says Jessica af Sandeberg, responsible for Purposeful Brands 2018 at Lynxeye.

Facebook, Uber and Skype drops the most compared to previous results, and Avanza and Microsoft climb the most

Facebook drops from 10th to 29th place, Uber from 5th to 20th place, and Skype from 7th to 23rd place, certainly influenced by previous scandals and media storms. The Swedish bank Avanza goes from 26th to 10th place and Microsoft from 29th to 18th place.

Mobile payment application Swish in the same league as IKEA

Swish has established itself as a brand that people perceive to be as meaningful as IKEA in just a few years. How is it that Swish has been able to measure up to IKEA when it comes to purposefulness in just a few years?

”It is about being proactive in solving peoples’ frustrations and needs. Then you create services that really mean something, that can grow rapidly, and become a platform for something bigger “, says Martin Deinoff, CEO of Lynxeye Labs.

Purposeful Brands Digital 2018

Ranking Brand Index
1  Swish        236
2  BankID        211
3  Spotify        178
4  Google        174
5  SVT Nyheter        169
6  Wikipedia        153
7  SVT Play        144
8  Twitch        141
9  Netflix        141
10  Avanza        118
11  Prisjakt        118
12  IMDB        114
13  DN        105
14  Youtube        101
15  Wikia        101
16  Amazon          99
17  Blocket          97
18  Microsoft          95
19  Svenska Spel          94
20  Uber          92
21  Reddit          89
22  WhatsApp          86
23  Skype          85
24  Pinterest          85
25  SoundCloud          83
26  Instagram          81
27  Hemnet          81
28  Linkedin          79
29  Facebook          72
30  Ebay          71
31  Snapchat          70
32  Tradera          69
33  Omni          68
34          68
35  Twitter          67
36  Flashback          58
37  Imgur          55
38  Aftonbladet          47
39  Eniro          45
40  Yahoo          45
41  Expressen          28


Purposeful Brands top 10 – Corporate and digital brands

  Brand Index
1  IKEA                        251
2  Swish                        236
3  BankID                        211
4  Volvo Cars                        191
5  Spotify                        178
6  Google                        174
7  SVT Nyheter                        169
8  Wikipedia                        153
9  Volvo Trucks                        149
10  SVT Play                        144

Purposeful Brands

  • 1500 Swedish respondents between the ages of 18 and 65 years
  • Conducted by Lynxeye
  • Data collection in Norstat’s web panel with a nationally representative sample
  • Previous Purposeful Brand studies have shown that successful and meaningful brands are built on 5 foundations: being responsible, visionary, trustworthy, innovative and future-proof
  • Respondents were asked to choose one or more brands which were best described with several associations, such as is a thought leader in their industry, wants to achieve something for the future, has values I believe in, etc.
  • The study was performed in two categories: the brands of large corporations in “Purposeful Brands Corporate” and the most widely used digital services and brands in “Purposeful Brands Digital”


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