Optimizing the customer experience

Customer experience

What is the most important thing to think about when you want to optimize the customer experience? And what actually is the difference between a needs based approach versus a unique brand experience? We see three main ways to optimize the customer experience.

Approach 1: Technical focus

Many companies choose to base their campaigns and business operations on technical solutions. This could be a great website, a user-friendly app or an innovative digital campaign. The idea is to create an experience that is out of the ordinary, which puts the company or the product firmly on the map. The result is an experience that puts all eyes on you – hopefully entirely in line with the customers’ interests.

Approach 2: Needs based approach

A number of companies choose to base their customer experience on the needs their customers have. Perhaps the online purchases are made primarily from mobile devices, which needs an app, or better mobile adaptation of the website? With a needs based approach, the customer is central and the experience is created for and together with the company’s target audience.

Approach 3: Needs based approach and unique brand experience

The third group of companies choose to combine a needs based approach, together with a unique brand experience. They identify a need in the target audience, but solve the challenge with a solution that is unique to the brand. Here the focus is on creating a customer experience that is strongly linked to the specific brand and thus differs from the competition (even if the actual solution is quite similar).

A combination is often the best approach

If you ask us, it is clear that the combination of a needs based approach and a unique brand experience gives the best customer experience. A tech based approach is a risky path, without listening to customer needs. It often misfires and can turn out to be an expensive tale. Approach two is a slightly better option, but even this risks your brand not being sufficiently distinct. Hence, to optimize the customer experience, our preferred approach is both based on customer needs and designed to differentiate your brand from competition.