Launching Lynxeye Society

Press release May 2, 2018

We are launching a new consultancy to help companies create sustainable business. Our new subsidiary, Lynxeye Society, is about sustainable innovation and business development, helping companies to find new, sustainable business models and revenue streams.

“We would like to show you how to unite the three perspectives of profit, planet and people and thereby help to make  companies who invest in this the winners in the marketplace of the future” says Sara Watz, co-founder and Managing Director of Lynxeye Society.

The time for sustainability has come, but we are still just seeing the beginning of it. The real change is yet to come. Companies today usually have good intentions when it comes to sustainability, but too many are acting reactively and only see sustainability as a way of  following regulations and minimizing risk instead of seeing it as the strategic business opportunity it really is, determining the future of both companies as well as the whole of humanity. In contrast to this, a fresh study, Lynxeye Purposeful Brands 2018, shows that 96% of all Swedes are willing to make changes in their lifestyle and consumption, which clearly shows that consumers want to see more sustainable options in products and services.

“The purpose of Lynxeye Society is to help companies make use of innovative profitable business concepts of the future that are as attractive for people as they are sustainable for our planet. We are convinced that the future belongs to companies that have realized that there is no contradiction between doing good and doing good business. We want to help companies find the intersection where the three perspectives of planet, profit and people align and from this identify new business models where sustainability is a part of their core business. We connect the business opportunities that sustainability challenges bring about with human insight into the will on the part of customer segments to make more sustainable choices. By combining push and pull strategies, we make sustainability relevant to all and ensure that we are all winners – companies, people and the planet. Philanthrocapitalism is our approach and the triple bottom line in our measure of success. We are convinced that the best innovations are yet to be discovered. But the time is now, before it is too late for companies, the planet and for humanity” says Sara Watz, co-founder and Managing Director of Lynxeye Society.

Lynxeye Society will have their base in Stockholm but their expertise will also be available in Lynxeye’s other offices in London and Singapore. “Most of our clients work in a global market and we work with projects all over the world. Launching Lynxeye Society is an important step for us in helping companies to find new success models and to secure their place in the marketplace of the future. Sweden is often seen as a frontrunner in sustainability and we believe that it is important, and natural, for us to contribute by helping companies create new sustainable business within and beyond our borders” says Christian Ihre, co-founder of Lynxeye.

Lynxeye has during almost two decades been helping companies, globally and nationally, to build purpose-driven companies and brands that solve real problems in people’s lives based on insights about human drivers, needs and frustrations. “People are increasingly basing their purchase decisions on value, at the same time as accelerating technological developments are transforming industry after industry, challenging customer loyalty to established companies and brands. Sustainability challenges are adding another layer to this, and for companies to survive and continue to be relevant in the future, they need to solve real problems in people’s lives as well as helping solve problems for our planet and humanity.” Says Johan Ekelin, co-founder of Lynxeye.

Learn more about Lynxeye Society here on our website.