Launching Lynxeye Labs

Press release September, 2018

Lynxeye launches Lynxeye Labs together with Martin Deinoff, previous co-founder of itch design and Creuna

We are now launching Lynxeye Labs, a new competence that will offer innovative digital strategy, service and product development. Lynxeye Labs will initially be based in Stockholm, and then expand to Lynxeye’s offices in Singapore and London. To collaborate with our clients to prepare, innovate for and define their future role in a post-digital society where the boundaries between the physical and digital are blurred is a natural extension of Lynxeye’s current offering.

“In a world of change and new technology, the most important question for companies today is how they use this change and these new possibilities to solve real problems in people’s lives and for humanity as a whole. Companies and brands can truly leverage these new possibilities when defining their future role. This makes Lynxeye’s offering a perfect platform for true innovation,” says Martin Deinoff, Managing Director at Lynxeye Labs.

Martin Deinoff, Managing Director at Lynxeye Labs, recently came from working in a similar role at itch design, which, during the time he worked there, grew to 160 employees. In addition to his former role as MD, Martin was also a co-founder of leading digital agency Creuna.

“Many companies will have to fight to remain relevant in the future as large tech companies and new challengers enters their market. Innovative service and product development will be key to secure the relationship with the end customer and to find new business. With his solid background, knowledge, drive, and a curious mindset, Martin is perfect for the role as Lynxeye Labs’ MD,” says Johan Ekelin, co-founder of Lynxeye.

“I’m excited to start this new journey together with Lynxeye. Lynxeye’s leading ability to help companies through a purpose-led strategy is a perfect starting point for truly game-changing innovation,” says Martin Deinoff, Managing Director at Lynxeye Labs.

Lynxeye’s recurring study Purposeful Brands also shows that being innovative and future-proof are two of the most important drivers when it comes to ensuring that companies and brands are perceived as purposeful. In Purposeful Brands 2018, the digital part of which will be launched soon, we also see that seven out of Sweden’s top 10 most purposeful companies and brands are digital.

“For a long time, we have been talking about companies having a mandate and a business opportunity to build their business behind a strong purpose – behind being the leader of a movement for positive change, as we usually describe it. This is something that has been proven in several studies over time. We cannot disregard the fact that new technology is an important accelerator in this process of change,” says Christian Ihre, co-founder of Lynxeye.

“It is interesting to see how digital products and services in such a short time can become as strong as and even stronger than established companies that have taken decades to expend,” says Johan Ekelin, co-founder of Lynxeye.

For more info, contact Martin Deinoff, MD Lynxeye Labs or click here.