Human insights in the digital flow II

Human insight

Values and fundamental human drivers are the most stable and insightful approach to segmentation. Therefore, these should always form the basis for brand building. However, one challenge with a value-based target group is communication targeting. Because consumers who share fundamental drivers can still have different interests, it is likely that your target group is active in several different channels. This can complicate communication and media planning. Here you can read more about how Passion Points make it easier to work with marketing in a target-group oriented way. The tool can also guide companies when developing their offering, and help them create new partnerships. Let us explain how it works.

Passion points are interests at a detailed level

Our Passion Points framework is a quantitative tool based on consumer data found in the digital world, for example on social media. By grouping the most widely used tags we can identify relevant ‘tribes’, i.e. a group of people who share a lifestyle based on strong interests. This allows us to study what they are talking about, how they refer to brands, and what people are ‘influencers’, i.e. the most influential individuals in a tribe. Based on the tribes and keywords that we have identified, we create Passion Points. Each of the 26 Passion Points pinpoint an interest that can be linked to a person who shares a certain fundamental driver that defines your value-based target group.

Passion points help brands find people in the digital flow

Let’s say that you represent a major car brand and have issues finding new channels where you can reach your target group. You are already at the trade fairs and advertise in the relevant magazines. But how do you reach your target group when they are not actively engaging in the car category? This is where Passion Points come in. For example: say that you are launching an add-on suitable for customers with small children. Most parents in your target group are not likely to be visiting car trade fairs. However, they will have other interests that influence how they behave in the digital world, and that correspond to their fundamental human drivers. Say for example that being recognized as good parents is a big driver for them.  Then there is a good chance that they also want other aspects of their lifestyle appear attractive to others. Maybe they are interested in home decor, which means they follow a certain Instagram account? In that case, this is a better channel to reach them than in the latest edition of a car magazine.

Passion Points marketing lets you reach your target group directly. The tool also allows you to target them with relevant offers and communication in an efficient way.