Hanna Stjärne, svt

Future markets, Purpose

In this episode we’re joined in the studio by Hanna Stjärne, CEO of the Swedish public service television company, SVT. With a background as star reporter and award-winning media profile, Hanna has held the CEO position since January 2015.

In this episode

Together with Hanna, we discuss opportunities and challenges in the accelerating media landscape. As the amount of information never has been as great as today, neither has the amount of disinformation. In this new time of societal transition, SVT has an increasingly critical role to play.

Furthermore, we also discuss leadership in organizational transformation and how to build digital brands. SVT recently reached a top position in the study Purposeful Brands – Digital, that measures which digital brands that are seen as most purposeful. Hanna argues that leaders have to identify their core idea of the business in order to lead organizations through transformation. There’s an enormous force in the idea driven organization, if you can find and leverage it with your employees.

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