The disruptions of tomorrow 2017

Brands have to earn their right to exist in the future. The competitive landscape is becoming more complex. New ideas with the potential to disrupt markets can come from almost anywhere. At the same time, we see that a few large companies own more and more of the interaction between people and between people and brands. Large platforms like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple are quickly expanding into new categories.

In this reality, brands must become better at earning the interest of the consumer. They need to better motivate why I as a consumer should have a relationship with them, instead of managing all their tasks through trusted giants.

To do this, brands need to answer two questions: “What problems do people think need solving?” and “What is the unique role we will take in solving those problems?”

We decided to explore the answer to the first question: “What problems do people think need solving?”. The Disruptions of Tomorrow Study
explores the biggest frustrations of Swedish consumers. It also connects the problems to what brands people think can solve them.

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