Byggmax launches new visual identity

PRESS RELEASE, November, 2018

Byggmax revealed a new visual identity at the launch of the 100th store in Stenungsund, Sweden. The new identity is the result of a longstanding co-operation with Lynxeye. Byggmax’s new strategic direction aims to create ‘value for money’, and the initiative will permeate the whole business. The new design, including a new logo, has been developed by Lynxeye Studios, strategic design agency and part of Lynxeye. It will reinforce the positioning further and modernize the brand expression.


“Byggmax wants everyone to be able to fulfil their DIY-dreams, without compromizing on quality. Both strategy and design have been developed based on the expectations and frustrations that have been identified among those that dream of home improvement“ says Anna Björk, Client Director at Lynxeye.

“The design process was initiated at the same time as the strategy process, which has helped us navigate tough decisions on what to keep, remove or strengthen. Some early insights from the segmentation and strategic scenarios have followed us all the way through to guidelines for the design” says Robert Holmkvist, Creative Director at Lynxeye Studios in Stockholm.

The previous Byggmax design had a high level of recognition in the Nordic countries. This meant a careful approach to the design development, and to an early decision to keep the signature red and yellow colors.

“Our customers will still recognize us, but we have stepped into a new era and modernized our expression. We want the design to reflect the brand position and show that we represent value for money” says Emelie Gessner, Director of Marketing at Byggmax.

Since Byggmax has over 150 stores, the implementation will be done cost effectively over a period of time. A new website with the new identity will be launched later this winter.

“Design is an important tool in repositioning Byggmax from low prices to value for money. By keeping an important part of the heritage in the characteristic colors, and by refining and modernizing the design, we’ve made it clearly signal value for money. The design will play an important role in changing and improving the store experience and synchronizing it with digital channels” says Robert Holmkvist, Creative Director at Lynxeye Studios in Stockholm.

About Byggmax

Byggmax provides supplies for all home improvement projects. Wood, flooring, plaster, cement, windows, doors and paints that suit every DIY-person regardless of skill level. Byggmax is part of Byggmax Group alongside Skånska Byggvaror and Buildor. The Group had a turnover of SEK 5,3 billion in 2017 and is listed on Nasdaq since 2010.