Market Research Participant

Privacy Policy


We understand that your privacy is important to you. Lynxeye are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data, which is any information that can identify you as an individual person. This privacy policy describes how we handle and protect your personal information when you participate in our market research studies, and what measures we take to conduct our research in a respectful and responsible manner in accordance with GDPR regulations article 6.1.a.


Research Participant Information

What data do we collect and how do we collect it?

The type of data, how it is collected, and data processing differ depending on the type of research conducted as specified below, but may also include other data that you yourself disclose during the research.


Types of research

1. Focus groups

Data collected: Video, first name, phone number

Data processing:  Qualitative analysis

Third party partners: External moderators


2. Quantitative research

Data collected: anonymized and aggregated data from third party supplier

Data processing: Statistical analysis

Third party partners: Norstat (have DPA), SSI


3. Qualitative research


Data collected: respondent written answers and other information you as a participant chose to provide

Data processing: Qualitative analysis

Third party partners: External moderators


Data collected: interview responses either video or voice

Data processing: qualitative analysis of responses

Third party partners: External moderators



How data is processed use and anonymization

All responses to our research are completely confidential, unless otherwise explicitly stated, for example if you are interviewed as an expert. We collect data in our studies for research purposes only, and the use of that information gathered will be limited to that purpose.

In the events that we present results or insights all personal data will be anonymized to ensure that it cannot be connected to you as an individual, with the exception stated above.



Sharing your data

We do not rent, sell or give personal information to a third party for the purpose of directly marketing any products or services.

We will share anonymized data and insights from the study with the client for whom we are conducting the research.

We may share some personal information with third parties for administrative purposes, for example to pay you for your participation. Our partner service providers are required to comply with GDPR regulations and agree to maintain the same strict confidentiality and provide the same level of data security as provided by us, and are not permitted to use or disclose your personal data except as necessary to perform services on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements.



Working with external research partners

Lynxeye conducts research in collaboration with a number of third party partners. Depending on the type of study the extent of collaboration may vary as specified above under types of research. On behalf of our clients we may also utilize their data to gain access to research participants.

When we work with partners it is our duty as a company to ensure that we remain compliant with the rules stipulated by the GDPR legislation and our corporatewide policy regarding personal data. This includes ensuring that:

  • We have a signed DPA with our partners
  • We have a written commitment that the partner operates in a manner that is GDPR compliant
  • The partner collects consent in the correct way according to GDPR article 7 so that we have legal grounds for data processing according to GDPR article 6.1.a
  • We do not retain personal data for longer than what is necessary and/or stipulated in the consent given by the data subjects.


Data retention

Lynxeye will keep your personal data as necessary for the duration of the research. In specific cases we will keep data up to:

  • six (6) months post completion for qualitative research.
  • Two (2) years in the case of focus groups

Note: we keep transcripts of the information you chose to provide indefinitely as part of our work product, but will never share this data externally.

Your rights

All research participation is voluntary and you can always “opt out” at any time after agreeing to participate (be aware that any monetary compensation you are provided for participating is dependent on your participation, and that opting out of participating may make you ineligible to receive it).

According to the new GDPR regulation you have the right to request access to the personal data that we have collected about you for the purposes of reviewing, modifying, or requesting deletion of the data. You also have the right to request a copy of the personal data that we have collected about you and to have any inaccuracies in that data corrected. You can also request that we stop processing your personal data, except when processing is necessary for the performance of a contract where you are one of the concerned parties, if processing is necessary for us to comply with any legal obligations we have or protect the vital interest of an individual.

Participating in our market research

To participate in one of our research projects you have to consent to our terms and conditions, and that any information you provide for the duration of the research will be used as above described.