We are an innovation lab for a post-digital* society. We design purposeful experiences that matter to people, business and society.

*We are no longer talking about a society that is digital or physical; our society is where the boundaries are blurred, while everything is part of the ‘real’ world – and ‘real’ is going to become one of the most relative concepts we know.


Human technology

Never has technology given us such an opportunity to solve real problems in people’s lives and for humanity as a whole as it has today. And people are rewarding companies that take on this role.* Defining a future role with great business potential comes from truly purposeful innovation, leading to products and services that matter.

*Lynxeye’s recurring Purposeful Brands study shows that solving real problems in people’s lives and for humanity is of key significance when it comes to being perceived as purposeful. And purpose drives preference, which in turns drives profitable growth.


Prepare and innovate for the future

Do not innovate the past but prepare and innovate for the future. With deep business insight rooted in technology, people and society, and a great deal of curiosity and courage, we create innovation that produces real value.


Supporting leaders of tomorrow

From our offices in Stockholm, London and Singapore, Lynxeye works with clients like SVT Play, Zenuity, Omni, Aftonbladet, Volvo and Lotus.

Our offerings

Digital strategy and business design

Purpose-driven, human-centric with a spice of curiosity and courage. This is how we help our clients prepare and innovate for the future and the role they will play in it. The result is a transformation roadmap that translates into concrete action.

Innovation and digital concept development

Technology is a powerful catalyst for transforming ideas and opportunities into game-changing products and services. But the more technological we become, the more human we need to become. We use state-of-art insight tools and empathic user-centered design to create and visualize purposeful experiences that people love.

UX design and prototyping

Our solutions are human by design. We collaborate closely with end-users to develop, test and refine digital and omni-channel experiences throughout the entire customer journey. By prototyping all types of interfaces, we ensure that the user experience lives up to the highest expectations.

Digital service and product development

Great experience requires great execution. By means of partnerships with an array of technical implementation experts, we can make any solution come to life. Being completely technology-agnostic, we are free to choose the perfect solution to any challenge.

Join the Lab

We are a group of passionate, curious and skilled people who create innovations that truly matter – to people, business and society. Together with our friends in design, sustainability, insights and management consulting in Stockholm, London and Singapore, we create true progress driven by a more purposeful tomorrow.

We are always looking for talented new friends – right now we are looking for skilled UX and Concept Designers. Don’t be a stranger.

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