Does your market research ignite change?

Core insight solution

Great insights convert consumers from merely buying your brand, to buying into your brand. We help you develop your brands’ potential & future role with our insight solutions.

Our Core Insight solutions use a set of state-of-the art research methodologies to reveal new discoveries for your brand.

Key questions that we answer together with our clients:

Core Insights

How can I foresee and lead game-changing disruptions in my industry?

Understand likely market shifts so that you can start acting today

Our approach – Future Scoping

Most companies we meet know that change is inevitable, but not many know how to manage it.
We have seen over time that there are five big market disruptions that re-occur, as new innovations suddenly fulfill a major consumer need.

Lynxeye Future Scoping identifies unmet needs and match them with powerful “disruption drivers”. It allows you to anticipate the most likely futures that can be game-changers for your industry and brand.

We help you with:

  • Insights on disruption drivers that will likely impact your industry
  • Understand implications for your brand in future scenarios
  • Identify white space opportunities and strategic actions based on future landscape

So that you will:

Anticipate change and drive relevant disruption in your industry

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How can I go from ideas to optimized concepts that will achieve my objectives?

Reveal what will drive success of your brand and market initiatives

Our approach – Brand Optimizer

Clear priorities are crucial for market success – but not that easy to identify.
Building on well-established concept testing methods, we help take the next step and filter out what truly matter in your growth initiatives.

Brand Optimizer enables you to pin-point and refine the parts of your plans that will help achieve your brand and business objectives.

We help you with:

  • Fully optimized concepts, capturing the strongest proofs that drives customer demand
  • Prioritize claims to make concepts easier to execute
  • Create concepts that can also build your brand for the long run

So that you will:

Focus on the right, optimized, growth initiatives

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How can I measure, steer and act on brand performance in-line with my strategy?

Get a live brand dashboard with KPI:s to drive relevant actions

Our approach – Brand Governance

We know that many companies struggle with managing brand performance.
Our Brand Governance framework contains the relevant KPI’s needed to explain and steer brand success.

You get access to an intuitive dashboard and continuous, actionable readings of what truly drives brand performance

We help you with:

  • KPI’s clearly linked to strategy, execution levers and business functions
  • A continuous customer feed, to ensure successful execution of the brand strategy
  • Intuitive dashboard of your brand performance, facilitating internal engagement

So that you will:

Steer and act your way toward your desired brand position

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How can I work agile with my target group to develop our next innovations or communication?

Access your target group in a dynamic, moderated social platform

Our approach – Online communities

Qualitative research is great, but can have long lead times.
This is why we set up a platform for continuous learning together with your core target consumers.

Insights are generated based on your business questions, through a combination of discussions, missions to collect in-the-moment impressions, interactive stimuli evaluation tasks and other engaging activities.

We help you with:

  • Deep understanding of what matters to the customer’s that you are targeting
  • In-the-moment impressions of interactions with your brand
  • Valuable feedback and new ideas on concepts and product innovations

So that you will:

Innovate together with your target consumers

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The result: Lynxeye Core Insight solutions go beyond the obvious, to reveal unique discoveries with the power to ignite change

  • Lynxeye’s Core Insight combines a consumer, brand and business perspective to reveal market opportunities tailored for your target group and brand
  • Lynxeye’s Core Insight secures high quality and future-proof consumer insights – building on human discoveries
  • Lynxeye’s Core Insight builds your brand and business with the best-in-class tools, business conclusions and highest quality data

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Insight Director

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