Brand positioning and hierarchy

The challenge

Fraudsters are continuously developing new and better ways of scamming people online. Most companies whose business models are dependent on user-generated content need to moderate their content to ensure the safety of their users.

User generated content moderation service provider Besedo had just merged with ioSquare. The French start up ioSquare specialized in automated content moderation. The intention was to offer a solution that combines Besedo’s human moderation services with ioSquare’s automation technology. The new company, called Besedo, had set ambitious goals for the future. Their success would depend on their ability to create a solid commercial strategy. However, they were struggling to define a brand strategy and hierarchy.

Our solution

We helped Besedo define how to differentiate and position themselves in the market. This included developing a strategy, hierarchy, and visual identity for the brand. The work was made with customer needs and the desired future position in mind. The company’s management team was highly involved throughout the process, and was able to add valuable market insight.

Our recommendation was based on extensive qualitative research to explore the right way forward. The starting point was understanding important customer values and drivers. Based on these findings, we defined a key buyer profile. What characterizes this group is that they believe in learning and innovation. They see it as the only viable strategy to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. We believed that this driver could create an opportunity for an online content moderator like Besedo.

With a new market position to aim for, the company started its transformation to becoming an agile thought-leader with new potential revenue streams.

The result

  • New key messaging driving penetration in new customer segments
  • Re-defined customer experience improving customer loyalty
  • Integrated brand culture behind the new positioning driving employee engagement