Absolut Elyx

From a low tier vodka to a strong premium product

The Challenge

Absolut Vodka faced a fierce competition from the new super premium vodka brands. Consequently, they decided to launch their own super premium vodka – Absolut ELYX. But who should buy it? And how should it be rolled out globally towards the target group?

Our Solution

By using Absolut’s existing segmentation data base, combined with qualitative on-premise consumer research and deep dive interviews with industry front-runners, Lynxeye revealed a small group of highly influential people. The group looked for substance and an unaltered experience (real) in what they drink, rather than the more show-off experience that the competitive brands were selling. Once the target group was identified Lynxeye could build a tailor made roll-out strategy. The plan triggered an advocacy movement from the very top influential people.

The Result

A highly influential target group – the Farm Punks – were identified and targeted. The result was a strong launch and followed by a rapid growth with a quadrupled business* in year two.
*IWSR 2011-2014