Welcome to Lynxeye

We are passionate and perceptive about people, knowledge and impact. These core values are the starting point of everything we do.

As an organization, we believe in the power of creating progress with purpose. We want to enable everyone working with us to grow and develop as individuals and professionals, joined together in this shared quest. Our consultants, analysts and designers work with great responsibility on challenging tasks from day one. We reward passion and curiosity, and encourage everyone to contribute with ideas that build and develop our solutions and methods.

Are you passionate about growth strategy and innovation, and do you want to create progress with purpose in the business world? Join us and help us shape the leading brands of today and tomorrow.


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Our competencies Management consulting

Our management consultants combine real world experience with brand-centric management expertise. They come from top universities and business schools, as well as some of the world’s greatest branding organizations and consultancies. They work globally and are based in our Stockholm and Singapore offices.

Our competencies Insights

Our insight analysts work with cutting-edge methodologies, which are both quantitative and qualitative, as well as with foresight and analytics. The insights team often leads its own projects as well as working on projects led by other competency teams. Their experience and expertise is the foundation for the eye-opening human insights that will help brands matter both today and tomorrow. Our insights team is based in Stockholm and will also shortly be based in Singapore.

Our competencies Design

Lynxeye Studios uses design as a strategic tool to help brands transform insight and strategy into a differentiated customer experience. Our design philosophy goes hand in hand with our insight philosophy, and complements our other competencies both when the design team is working inside Lynxeye’s strategy projects and when working on their own. Lynxeye Studios serves projects across the world, and is based in Stockholm and London, and will soon also be based in Singapore.

Our competencies Sustainable innovation

Our sustainable innovation experts combine sustainability expertise with business understanding, human insight and a lust for innovating the future. Our society team often leads its own sustainable innovation projects as well as complement our other competencies in cross-functional projects. Our team is based in Stockholm, but our expertise spans across all our markets.

Our competencies Digital innovation

We are a group of passionate, curious and skilled people who create innovations that truly matter – to people, business and society. Together with our friends in design, sustainability, insights and management consulting in Stockholm, London and Singapore, we create true progress driven by a more purposeful tomorrow. We are always looking for talented new friends – right now we are looking for skilled UX and Concept Designers. Don’t be a stranger. Send us a text.