We are a management consultancy focused on growth strategy, innovation and design

Our point of view
The future is difficult to predict. Globalization and digitalization are progressing faster than ever before, challenging current structures and business models in whole new ways. The future belongs to the companies that have a clear purpose and dare to pursue bold new ways to make a difference in the lives of their customers and society.

What we do
We create progress with purpose. We explore future business opportunities from a customer and societal perspective. Starting with real needs, we define a meaningful future role for the company, develop a relevant offer and create customer experiences that contribute to the achievement of business goals.

Our approach
Our method of uncovering future needs is unique. With pioneering tools and a data-driven approach, we foresee what will drive people and businesses in the future. And we understand why. These insights are the starting point for our creative process to set the right direction for your business and innovation processes – all designed to help your company prosper in tomorrow’s market.

The impact we create
Radically improved business performance through future-proof strategy, innovation and design


Our offer in short

Future-proof insights
We explore your future business opportunities by understanding the needs and motivations of people and societies

Insight-driven growth strategies
We define meaningful roles and develop relevant and sustainable offerings by connecting your business with the needs of tomorrow

Experience innovation and design
We create customer experiences that solve real problems and generate long term business results by combining our profound understanding for what people really need and your unique business strategy


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Our areas of expertise

The best results are achieved through cross functional teams built on expertise and hands on experience.

Lynxeye Insights
Predicting the needs of tomorrow. With unique methodologies we reveal future needs of your customers and customers’ customers. It’s the starting point of everything we do. Our core insights expertise includes quantitative and qualitative studies, as well as foresight and analytics.

Lynxeye Strategy
Defining future roles for businesses. We create strategies that make your brand the spearhead of future growth in dynamic market landscapes. Our strategy expertise is based on a profound understanding of human motivations and societal trends, business acumen as well as vast experience of transforming businesses and customer experiences.

Lynxeye Society
Developing sustainable concepts. We innovate commercial business concepts that are equally attractive for people and planet. Our combined expertise in business and society is the foundation for solutions that meet both financial and sustainable goals.

Lynxeye Labs
Solving real problems. With profound understanding of what people really need, we create game-changing digital innovations that renew your brand and business. Our digital expertise takes you all the way from strategy to implementation of purposeful customer experiences.

Lynxeye Studios
Creating meaningful design. With sterling strategic design and digital competence, we reinforce your brand across all channels and any boarders. Our design team are experts in creating differentiated customer experiences and rolling them out.

Our story

Lynxeye was founded in 1999 by former Procter & Gamble employees Christian Ihre and Johan Ekelin. Soon after, the duo was joined by Richard Törnblom from McKinsey & Co.

The founders’ vision was to help brands progress by revealing profound insights about the people they serve. The aim was to make companies progress faster by creating more meaningful brands and offerings for people as well as for companies, organizations and society.

Like the famous artist Lucio Fontana, who made cuts in his paintings, our objective is to go beyond what first meets the eye to find something new that is hidden behind the obvious. The artist has been a source of inspiration from the start.

“I did not make holes in order to wreck the picture. On the contrary, I made holes in order to find something else.”

Today, Lynxeye is a global brand management consultancy with clients all over the world and offices in Stockholm, London and Singapore. Our reason for existing is to create progress with purpose.