We see your future business through your customers' eyes

The future has never been harder to predict; yet in these transformative times, opportunities abound for those who have the ability to find them and are bold enough to embrace them. We make brands matter and help businesses progress in this challenging environment. Where profound human insight, foresight and business understanding intersect, we reveal insights into tomorrow’s needs, define meaningful future roles for brands, and turn strategies into reality and progress.

  1. Human
  2. Business
  3. Brand purpose & Future role


Uncover the future

  • Future market scoping
  • Predictive segmentation & target selection

Define the role

  • Brand purpose
  • Brand strategy
  • Portfolio strategy

Make it real

  • Customer experience
  • Design
  • Digital innovation
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Full implementation

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Our expertise

With our expertise in management consulting, insight and strategic design, we create transformative journeys and engaging customer experiences.

Management consulting

As specialists in brand management, we understand how to make brands the spearheads of future growth in volatile market landscapes. We combine insight into both today’s and tomorrow’s customer needs, match them with profound understanding of your business and organization, and define prosperous future roles with all this in mind. With this platform as a base, we use our proprietary methods and capabilities to create real change and impact together with our clients.


Great insights push consumers from merely buying your brand to buying into your brand. Our insight solutions use state-of-the-art analysis and foresight methodologies to reveal future markets and opportunities. Common to all our insight tools is the aim to uncover deeper human drivers and connect them to very tangible brand and business opportunities with a purpose.


Allowing design to cut through each layer of business intelligence unveils a distinct brand experience, unrestricted by platforms. With sterling strategic design competence founded on purpose and insight, we help our clients go even further and faster in leading the change. Learn more here.


With philantrocapitalism as our approach and triple bottom line as our measure of success, we innovate commercial business concepts equally attractive for people as planet. We enable this by linking sustainability challenges with business opportunities founded on people insight. Learn more here.


We are an innovation lab for a post-digital society. We design purposeful experiences that matter to people, business and society. With deep business insight rooted in technology, people and society, and a great deal of curiosity and courage, we create innovation that produces real value. Learn more here.

Our Story

Lynxeye was founded in 1999 by former Procter & Gamble employees Christian Ihre and Johan Ekelin. Soon after, the duo was joined by Richard Törnblom from McKinsey & Co.

The founders’ vision was to help brands progress by revealing profound insights about the people they serve. The aim was to make companies progress faster by creating more meaningful brands and offerings for people as well as for companies, organizations and society.

Like the famous artist Lucio Fontana, who made cuts in his paintings, our objective is to go beyond what first meets the eye to find something new that is hidden behind the obvious. The artist has been a source of inspiration from the start.

“I did not make holes in order to wreck the picture. On the contrary, I made holes in order to find something else.”

Today, Lynxeye is a global brand management consultancy with clients all over the world and offices in Stockholm, London and Singapore. Our reason for existing is to create progress with purpose.